My Problems

On TopCoder: Link. One problem was accidentally created under my admin account: Link. One problem was for a celebration round: Link. In total, there are 117 problems (except for duplicates). 33 of them are D1/TCO Hards and 29 of them are D1/TCO Mediums.

On Codeforces: Link. I authored #71 A, #71 D, #162 Div1 D, and #162 Div2 A.

There were six personal contests.
  • The 1st contest was used in Japanese winter camp in 2011. Some problems (mostly on the harder side) were used later in Petrozavodsk camp.
  • The 2nd contest was called "Typical DP Contest" and held in 2013. The problems were easy, it was not a serious contest and rather for training (20 tasks in 5 hours).
  • The 3rd contest was used in Japanese summer camp in 2014 and later in Petrozavodsk camp. Link on Codeforces gym.
  • The 4th contest was "New Year Contest 2015". Later almost the same (except for the easiest task) problemset was used in Petrozavodsk camp. Link on Codeforces gym.
  • The 5th contest was "Snuke's birthday contest" in 2015 summer. Later the same set was used in MIPT camp.
  • The 6th contest was CODE FESTIVAL 2016 Grand Final. Link to the contest.


  1. Hi Makoto. Are there editorials for your training camp contests?

    1. I really like your problems, BTW